Our Office


Since the foundation of Fukami Patent Office in 1969 by Patent Attorney Hisao Fukami (Of Counsel), for the past 50 years our office has been dedicated to fulfilling its mission of “serving as a one-stop office providing intellectual-property-related services in Osaka.”  We highly appreciate the strong ongoing support by many domestic and foreign companies, universities and research institutes.  Since our foundation, all members of our office have been making every effort to satisfy our clients’ requests promptly and reliably, in order to meet their expectations and achieve their satisfaction.  We are continuing to perform our original mission as an IP firm, now with 86 patent attorneys and 262 members in total, addressing every issue and request in all technical and industrial fields.

The fourth industrial revolution involving the accelerating trends “AI,” “IoT” and big data is now ongoing.  Under such circumstances, the protection of intellectual property has become more and more vital, and issues involved in intellectual property are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex.  In view of this, we established a cross-divisional AI/IoT-Related Intellectual Property Support Team last July, and enhanced our system so that we can provide full services regarding AI/IoT-related intellectual properties, including services providing AI/IoT-related IP information and consultation.

In such an era of dynamic change, especially when society as a whole is undergoing major changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is our strong wish to continue satisfying our clients’ expanding needs by making further efforts with the help of our broad experience and resultant knowledge.

Yoshitake KIHARA, President