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Security Policy

Intellectual property is the product of human wisdom and is a source of happiness and well-being for people throughout the world. With this understanding, we wish to actively participate in every phase of the intellectual property creation cycle by making use of our sophisticated expertise in technology and law, in addition to providing services for the filing of IP applications with our worldwide network of patent offices.
In order to provide domestic and international intellectual property-related services of the highest quality at the highest efficiency, all staff members including patent attorneys, technical assistants, trademark assistants, translators, and secretaries are constantly engaged in the development of their respective abilities, and actively making use of the latest information and communications technology such as information systems and networks in their respective specialties.
In our current society, due to improper access or new cyber attacks, the leakage of personal information and systems failures to destroy or alter information assets are a frequent occurrence. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to secure our clients’ information and protect information assets from various threats, so as to provide services that can be trusted by our clients.
We declare we will conscientiously implement measures for the fulfillment of the following information security management policies so as to faithfully meet our clients’ expectations.

  • We will continuously enhance our systems for information security management.
  • We will appropriately manage and diligently protect information assets held by our office, including information entrusted by our clients.
  • We will regularly conduct information security management training and educate all staff members including management, to enhance their understanding of the importance of information security management and the appropriate implementation of measures for information security management.
  • We will constantly work to improve our procedures and systems to proactively anticipate any risks of information security incidents, and to provide quick response in the event of any occurrence.
  • We will clarify information security management standards and information security management procedures and regularly review them through inspections and audits in order to reliably conduct information security management.
  • All staff members including management will have a common understanding of the importance of information security and will comply with the basic principles, standards, and procedures of information security management in carrying out their respective duties.

April 1, 2016
Yoshitake Kihara
President of Fukami Patent Office, P.C.