Our patent attorney Mr. Nobuyuki AKAGI participated in an AIPLA meeting as a panelist.

A spring meeting of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) was held at MARRIOT MARQUIS SAN DIEGO MARINA in San Diego, USA from May 17 to 19, 2017. 
Mr. AKAGI, patent attorney and senior associate of the international patent/design division of Fukami Patent Office p.c., participated in a session held on May 18 on “Tensions Between the US and Foreign Practices on Patent Drafting and Privilege – The European, Japanese and Chinese Practitioners Points-of-View Concerning Written Description Support and Added Matter.” In the session, in addition to Mr. AKAGI, US lawyer Mr. Thomas T. Moga, partner of LeClair Ryan, European and Italian patent attorney Mr. Francesco MACCHETTA, IP Director of Bracco Imaging SpA, and US patent attorney Mr. SHA, Jay, senior partner of LIU, SHIEN & ASSOCIATES made presentations based on a common virtual case for determining support requirements in their countries, and a panel discussion was subsequently held. 
The presenters presented different opinions on determining support requirements for the virtual case in their respective countries and an active question and answer session was held.






Mr. AKAGI, patent attorney, giving a presentation







In the question and answer session