Our patent attorneys participated in an intellectual property seminar in Taipei.

On May 17, 2017, a seminar hosted by the Chinese National Federation of Industries (a study meeting on standards for determining inventive step of patent applications in Japan, Korea and China) was held in Taipei at the College of Law, National Taiwan University. Greetings were given by Ms. HONG, Shu-min, Director General of TIPO, and Mr. LI, Jia-Qing, a CEO/partner of Lee and Li, and by Mr. KIHARA Yoshitake, patent attorney and president of Fukami Patent Office p.c., as a guest. Mr. NAGANO Atsushi, patent attorney and deputy divisional manager of the chemical/biotechnology division of Fukami Patent Office p.c., delivered a lecture on the examination guidelines for inventive step in Japan. In this seminar, in addition to Mr. NAGANO, Mr. KIM, Jin-Hoe, patent attorney of Lee International IP & Law Group (Korea) and Mr. LIN, Si-Kai, patent attorney of Lee & Li-Leaven (China) lectured on the Korean and Chinese patent practices, and thereafter, a panel discussion and a question and answer session were held.
In Taiwan, as a new examination guideline for inventive step will be enforced from July 1, 2017, there is enhanced interest in patent practices of countries including Japan, and approximately 300 people involved in intellectual property activities attended the seminar and an active question and answer session was also held.





Program of the seminar







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President Kihara greeting
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Patent Attorney Mr. Nagano giving a lecture