We held the IP-Web Seminar “Drafting Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and Response to Office Actions in China”

On May 28, 2021, we held an online seminar on the subject “Drafting Standard Essential Patents (SEP) and Responses to Office Actions in China” for our clients.

Recently, global attention has been focused on Standard Essential Patents (SEP), and there has been a lot of interest, not only in IP litigation such as Nokia v. Daimler, but also in the number of SEPs in the telecommunications industry.

At the stage of obtaining rights for SEPs, it is necessary to consider the trends of standard documents and standardization conferences, which is very different from general patent practice.  In particular, at the stage of obtaining rights in China, it is necessary to proceed with the acquisition of rights while fully considering amendment requirements and division requirements, etc.  Therefore, a lot of ingenuity is required in obtaining SEPs.

We invited Ms. Na Zhang, Partner, Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law of Beijing ZBSD Patent & Trademark Agent Ltd, as the lecturer for this online seminar, to explain the practice of obtaining rights for SEPs in China, based on her experience in obtaining rights for SEPs in the field of telecommunications.

We wish to thank you, our professional colleagues, and clients, for participating in these seminars.