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Trademark / Law Division
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patent attorney (2014)
IP infringement litigator (2018)


After finishing his master’s degree in Kyoto University, Mr. Miyazawa started his career in the field of intellectual property at another patent firm.  He was qualified as a patent attorney in 2014 and joined Fukami in 2015.  He was also qualified as an IP infringement litigator.

He has been practicing mostly in the area of trademarks and related fields.  He handles many cases not only for domestic clients but for foreign clients who need legal assistance in IP matters in Japan.

He actively joins international conferences to have face-to-face meetings with foreign attorneys to expand his global professional network.  He was a member of the Trademark Committee of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association from 2018 to 2021.


graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Geography (2005)
received a master’s degree from the same university (2008)


another patent attorney office (2008-2014)
Fukami Patent Office (2015-)

Adjunct Lecturer

Adjunct Lecturer, Osaka Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Intellectual Property (2021-)

Overseas training

Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch Program (US) (2023)