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Shigekazu YAMADA

Patent Attorney & Outside Adviser

patent attorney (2022)


Mr. Yamada was qualified as a patent attorney in 2022. After serving as Director of the Design Division of the Japan Patent Office and Chief Judge, he established YAMADA Design Strategy Patent Attorney Office. Mr. Yamada became an Outside Advisor to Fukami Patent Office in 2022. At the Japan Patent Office he engaged in design examination work, System development, intellectual property education support, accession to the Hague Agreement for international design applications, and design protection administration. He also served as a professor and an external lecturer at several universities and educational institutions.


graduated from the Aichi University of Education, Faculty of Education (1990)


Japan Patent Office (1990-2022)
  [Acting General Manager, The National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) (2007-2008)
   Director of Design Registration System Planning Office (2011-2014)
   Director of Household Equipment Division (Design Examination Division) (2013-2014)
   Director of Design Division (Design Examination Division) (2014-2016)
   Chief Administrative Judge, The 34th Board of Trial and Appeal (Designs) (2016-2017)
   Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Intellectual Property (2017-2022) ]
Founder of YAMADA Design Strategy Patent Attorney Office (2022-)

Adjunct Lecturer

Professor, University Research Administrator, TOKAI UNIVERSITY, Research Institute of Science and Technology (2023-)
Adjunct lecturer, Professional Institute of International Fashion (2019-)
Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Intellectual Property (2017-2022)
Visiting Professor, Kokushikan University (2007-)