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patent attorney (1960)
IP infringement litigator (2003)


Mr. Hisao Fukami is the founder of Fukami Patent Office, P.C.  After graduating from the university (major: communication engineering) in 1956, he entered Hayakawa Electric Industry (currently Sharp Corporation) and was soon thereafter assigned to the patent department.  In 1960, he passed the patent attorney examination, which was the first examination under the present Industrial Property Law.  At Hayakawa, he engaged in management of intellectual properties and licensing for companies for 13 years in total (as a patent attorney for 9 years). Wishing to make contributions as a patent attorney, i.e., as an expert in the field of intellectual properties, he founded Fukami Patent Office in 1969, originally as a sole patent attorney, for assisting in filing domestic applications for domestic clients, domestic applications for foreign clients, and foreign applications for domestic clients, for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks, particularly in his field of expertise (electrical engineering).  Aiming at making contributions in assisting management of companies’ intellectual properties as a group of patent attorneys, he then proceeded further to develop human resources and thereby produced many patent attorneys to organize a group of IP experts.  He was awarded a Yellow Ribbon Medal in 1993 for his diligence in practice as a patent attorney.  He also passed the first Specific Infringement Litigation Representation Examination in 2003 to be qualified as an IP infringement litigator. In 2019, he was assigned as Executive Of Counsel.


graduated from Osaka Prefecture University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering (1956)


Patent Department, Sharp Corporation (1956-1969)
Fukami Patent Office (1969-)



Yellow Ribbon Medal (for patent practice) (1993)